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2023-03-30 無人機助農業 印度2030年成大國
2023-03-30 Changing the Agricultural Landscape of India
2023-03-31 Home News GBPUAT Develops a New Pulse Variety- ‘Pant Matar 462’ to Raise Farmers’ Income
2023-03-31 Indian agricultural products take sizable Nepali market
2023-04-06 ‘I was able to sell pigeon peas at a better price’: the Malawi union helping farmers grow their market
2023-05-15 Union MInister Dr. Subhas Sarkar paid visit to 98-years-old Organic Farmer Padmashree Tula Ram Upreti
2023-04-06 Agriculture Analytics Market - Know Faster Growing Segments | IBM, SAP, Agrivi
2023-05-15 Enhancing farmers’ market power
2023-04-06 New Undercover Investigation Shows Rampant Elephant Suffering in India
2023-05-15 India hosts 8th meeting of agriculture ministers of SCO member-countries
2023-04-06 Ploughing Ahead- exploring Nagaland’s agriculture potential
2023-05-15 India's Summer Crop Area Witnesses Slight Decline, Reaches 69.2 Lakh Hectares
2023-04-06 Telangana State emerges as 3rd largest cotton producer in India https://www.thehansindia.com/telangana/telangana-state-emerges-as-3rd-largest-cotton-producer-in-india-791494
2023-05-15 Maha farmers to make bonfire of 1000-quintal cotton as output, prices drop
2023-04-06 Nashik’s Sahyadri farm turns grapes of wrath to export cup of gold. Farmers are millionaires
2023-05-15 17 Cooperative Banks Collaborate for Farming Venture in Kalamassery, Inspired by Palliyakkal Model
2023-04-06 Farmers prepare for larger battle as key promises remain unfulfilled
2023-05-15 Revolutionizing Agriculture: 1,200 'Krishikootams' Set to Launch on May 16
2023-04-06 Agtech solutions: Adoption of technology is key to sustainable farming
2023-05-15 Home News Mudassachem Fest: Celebrating Goa's Culture of Millets, Mangoes & Music at Goa College of Agriculture on May 14
2023-04-06 Agritech firm Zuari FarmHub partners with Novozymes South Asia to launch 100% water soluble fertilizer
2023-05-15 Union Minister Calls for Mass Adoption of Agri Tech to Take India Towards USD 5 Trillion Economy
2023-04-06 Food security: Climate change is affecting the seeds that India depends on
2023-05-15 Home News J&K Farmers Adopt Modern Tech for Wheat Threshing, Increasing Productivity & Saving Time
2023-05-15 APC Dr. Ashish Kr. Bhutani Inspects Seed Farm in Assam's Golaghat District
2023-04-06 Phosphate Fertilizer Market to Garner $35.6 Billion, Globally, By 2031 at 4.1% CAGR, Says Allied Market Research
2023-05-15 Home News J&K's ACS Flags off Vegetable Seedlings for Gurez under HADP
2023-04-06 As farmers worry about feeding families, zero paddy procurement in two of Jharkhand’s drought-hit districts
2023-05-15 Does Indis have room for a dairy behemoth?
2023-03-14 Changing the Agricultural Landscape of India
2023-04-06 Data Lab: Making sense of India's forest cover change, both gains and losses
2023-05-15 Tur prices: India in talks with Mynanmar
2023-04-06 PIL in HC against ‘unauthorised construction’ in Delhi’s Sainik Farms, litigant asked to implead owners
2023-05-15 Gender discrimination in farms
2023-03-14 無人機助農業 印度2030年成大國
2023-05-15 Farmer groups flag crop loss risk if 27 popular pesticides banned
2023-05-15 Govt flip-flop over banning pesticides
2023-05-15 How Tech Innovation Is Reshaping Aquaculture In India
2023-05-15 Farmers demand compensation for losses caused by FMD outbreak
2023-05-15 America emerges as India's biggest export market for organic honey
2023-05-15 India: Life on edge for these Karnataka’s small fishermen
2023-05-15 Farmers should keep pace with changing times: Vice President
2023-05-15 Odisha Govt New Initiatives Set To Revolutionize Farm-To-Plate Movement!
2023-05-15 198 fishermen released from Pakistan arrive in Gujarat’s Vadodara, welcomed by agriculture minister
2023-05-15 ExplainSpeaking: The economics of climate change in India
2023-05-15 ExplainSpeaking: The economics of climate change in India
2023-05-15 Farmers should keep pace with changing times: Vice President
2023-03-15 UP: Potato Farmers Angry With Govt's MSP Rate, Doesn't Even Cover Half of Input Cost Abdul
2023-03-15 Govt will buy potatoes from farmers if prices fall below Rs 650 per quintal in UP: MoS Dinesh Pratap Singh
2023-03-15 Increase in Milk Price to Benefit Middlemen more than the Farmers
2023-03-27 Home News TN Agri Budget Focuses on Organic Farming, Oilseeds, Traditional Vegetables & Fruits
2023-03-28 Agribid Pvt. Ltd. engages Mahadevasth Technologies to provide mental health awareness amongst farmers in India
2023-03-28 Arunachal Pradesh: Farmers’ Body Opposes 10,000 MW Hydropower Plan On Siang
2023-03-29 India-Sri Lanka Fishermen Issue: Understanding the Conflict and Finding Solutions
2023-03-29 Farmers advised to resume crop harvesting after untimely showers cover up rain deficiency in Punjab, Haryana
2023-03-29 Farmers of Punjab & Haryana Asked to Resume Harvesting
2021-06-11 India's agriculture exports jump 17.34% to $41.25 billion in FY21
2021-06-21 The Indian State may not want to learn from Nepal – but Indians can
2021-05-21 印度減緩原物料漲價衝擊 提高農民磷肥補貼
2021-05-24 AAP urges PM Narendra Modi to resume talks with farmers on agriculture laws
2021-04-20 紫色革命:印度農民改種薰衣草抗旱 助當地婦女自立更生
2022-05-25 After wheat, India caps sugar exports
2021-05-17 乾旱+疫情 印度茶葉漲不停
2022-05-26 ‘Ideal timing’ sparks $13.7M vegetable, onions and melon trade effort
2022-06-07 Chilika lake has 176 fishing cats, survey reveals
2021-05-06 衝擊堪比運河卡船 多國港口禁印度船員換班船舶入港
2021-05-05 印度疫情鬧得厲害!「產棉大國」供應量減少 紡織股後勢看漲
2021-05-04 印度台商注意! 勞動法規即將大幅翻新
2021-05-03 印度疫情嚴峻 大型產業組織籲當局限縮經濟活動
2022-02-02 印度將推數位盧比 對虛擬資產課稅
2022-02-03 班加羅爾台商會成立 陳木騰出任會長
2022-02-14 力挺抗中 印度向澳洲招手盼擴大兩國貿易
2022-02-19 Modi launches 100 agricultural drones across the country
2022-02-21 Farmer Anger Will Test Modi as Punjab, India’s ‘Grain Bowl,’ Votes
2022-03-02 報告書發布:【前瞻印度-臺灣關係】
2022-03-10 隨著印度人民黨贏得關鍵邦選票强硬派印度教僧侶聲望上漲
2022-03-14 India and Canada to push for 'early progress' trade deal
2022-03-14 Why is India standing with Putin’s Russia?
2022-03-14 台灣與印度機構簽署備忘錄 致力科學教育合作
2021-06-03 Gujarat government announces Rs 500 crore relief package for agriculture sector
2021-06-03 印度第二波武漢肺炎疫情衝擊 逾千萬人失業
2022-08-25 Avoid antibiotics to boost seafood exports: Piyush Goyal
2021-04-16 印度經濟崛起 投資價值可期
2021-04-09 印度等4國陶瓷面磚進口 初判有傾銷事實
2021-07-14 Japan, US object to India's frequent bans on onion exports
2022-03-22 華夏:PVC需求回溫 印度成短期價格漲幅最大市場
2022-03-28 鴻海集團規劃在印度掛牌
2022-08-25 確保國內價格穩定 印度限制小麥粉出口
2021-07-02 Govt ready to talk with farmers, but no repeal of farm laws: Union Agriculture Minister
2022-09-11 印度政府:總理莫迪將出席上海合作組織峰會
2022-09-11 印太經濟架構14國達共識抗衡中國!惟印度避開貿易談判
2022-09-14 最大的白米出口國印度開始「屯糧」
2022-09-19 印度祭稻米出口禁令 印尼、菲律賓首當其衝
2022-09-23 Domestic prices of rice may continue to increase: Food Ministry
2022-09-23 China, Brazil, India reordering global industrial food chain: Food Barons Report
2022-09-30 病毒蔓延!印度10萬頭牛隻死亡 超過200萬人罹病
2022-10-02 印度國會議員訪台 出席玉山論壇
2021-10-03 葛葆萱接受印度媒體專訪 籲印台展開戰略合作
2022-10-08 印度智庫ORF副會長專訪:首屆「台印對話」將討論如何提升印度與台灣關係
2021-06-28 疫情下 印度坦米爾那都省向台商招手
2022-10-10 大雨狂襲! 印度西北部水患已知18死 夏季農作損失慘重
2022-10-10 新南向有望超越西進 台商「錢」進印度成長 遠超中國
2022-10-10 印度大城爆宗教衝突 警方禁5人以上集會
2022-10-11 印度推動與東盟各國簽署自貿協定
2022-10-29 印度延長糖出口限制1年 將儘快確定糖出口配額
2022-11-06 印度縮減糖出口配額 刺激糖價上漲
2022-11-08 印度將接G20輪值主席 蓮花新標誌象徵希望
2021-07-28 印度泰倫加納省向台商招手 盼設台灣經貿園區
2022-04-05 Mankind Pharma Forays into Agri-tech Industry with the Launch of Mankind Agritech
2021-08-09 Agriculture National Database: Digital divide can make exercise self-defeating
2021-08-16 印度拚經濟 推1.3兆美元大基建計畫
2021-08-30 台亞會訪問學者胡莎娜:台灣新南向 走在正確道路上
2021-09-02 培育新創公司 台印簽署合作意願書
2021-09-07 印度「農業法案」引大反彈 農運領袖:損害政府保證收購價格
2021-06-16 Explainer - Why is India losing sleep over record high vegetable oil prices?
2021-09-14 印度英國將簽自貿協定 預定11月啟動談判
2021-11-19 農業改革法案引爆抗議長達一年 印度總理宣布取消
2022-04-05 India free-trade agreement struck after decade of talks but dairy and grain disappointed
2021-05-26 Farmers in India have been protesting for 6 months, have they made any progress?
2021-06-22 Vegetable export via Jaigaon stopped at a critical time again
2021-11-26 Indian farmers mark a year of protest week after Modi’s climbdown
2021-11-26 印度將立法禁加密幣交易
2021-12-03 India needs a comprehensive agricultural policy
2021-12-06 普京出訪印度將如何影響中美及世界政治
2021-06-18 Country specific strategies, diplomatic push and targeted promotion ensured stellar FY21 for Agri exports
2022-04-11 Drone Technology In Agricultural Farming To Be Highlight Of Panchayati Raj Diwas: Jitendra Singh
2022-04-11 India starts exporting fresh produce to other countries
2022-04-09 Govt creates matrix for 50 farm products to boost exports
2022-04-07 India Unleashes Diplomatic Power to End Imbroglio with Indonesia on Import of Agri Products
2021-06-01 Eyes cast on enhancing Brunei-India trade, economic engagement
2021-02-18 India, Brunei hold review meeting, discuss trade, defence and agriculture
2021-05-27 Three-day virtual trade fair by APEDA on horticultural products kick-starts
2022-01-10 駐印度代表推自貿協議 提高台印貿易投資往來
2022-01-11 台科技廠為何頻在印度碰壁?彭博點關鍵原因「印度不是中國」
2022-01-11 印度移除長期貿易障礙 同意開放美豬進口
2022-01-19 越南多措並舉促進向印度市場出口火龍果
2022-01-24 台日協副秘謝柏輝將外派印度 任副代表續推台印關係
2022-01-26 印度台北協會會長戴國瀾:印台互補 掌握轉型新契機
2022-04-20 Non-basmati rice exports touch USD 6.11 bn in 2021-22
2022-04-18 India's sugar exports rise by 64.90 per cent to $4.6 billion in 2021-22
2022-04-12 Researchers create hi-tech, quantum-dot LED light using discarded rice husks
2021-05-31 Experts bat for crop calendar in Kuttanad
2022-04-04 Earning Up to 4 Lakhs from Pearl Farming: A Success Story of a Pearl Farmer in India