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2023-03-29 First batch of imported eggs reaches Sri Lanka
2023-03-29 Sri Lanka promotes sea cucumber farming as fisheries sector recovers
2023-03-29 Sri Lanka shrimp farm Taprobane secures $15 million to build out supply chain
2023-03-29 Suspect held for transferring dried sea cucumber illegally
2023-03-29 Sri Lanka imports 2 million eggs from India to meet shortage
2023-04-06 Sri Lanka, Gurukul Kurukshetra to share know-how on natural farming
2023-05-24 Economic crisis puts Sri Lanka among 20 poorest countries in Asia
2023-05-24 Russian Fertilizer Giant May Donate 55,000 Tonnes of Potassium Chloride to Sri Lanka
2023-05-24 Discussion on global case studies to boosting prospects for Sri Lanka’s dairy industry
2023-06-15 Sri Lanka's small tea growers contributes around 77% in total production
2023-06-13 Govt strongly refutes media reports on widespread food insecurity in Sri Lanka
2023-06-18 Sri Lanka’s Agalwatte plants 2,600ha of rubber after Damro takeover
2023-06-16 Sri Lanka coconut auction prices down 0.23-pct
2023-06-24 Sri Lanka says to barter tea for Iran’s oil
2023-06-24 Sri Lanka To Start Tea-For-Oil Barter With Iran Next Month
2023-07-02 Most crop damage in Sri Lanka is by Macaque monkeys, study shows
2023-07-01 Sri Lanka commemorates 156 years of tea: Transforming lives of plantation Tamils
2023-06-28 Sri Lanka tea prices dip 40% from record high on production rebound
2023-07-11 Sri Lanka to sign joint declaration of intent with India for cooperation in dairy farming
2023-07-25 Indian eggs to be sold at Sathosa outlets and Supermarkets in Sri Lanka from today
2023-07-21 Sri Lanka state wholesale network Sathosa reduces prices of milk powder
2023-07-18 Sri Lanka Agri minister frowns at groups stopping “monkey business” with China
2023-07-31 Sri Lanka decides to import chicken to curb price hikes
2023-07-31 Sri Lanka suspends use of rice to make beer
2023-07-27 Sri Lanka to earn up to $2.3 bln from rubber, coconut, cinnamon this year: Minister
2023-07-27 Sri Lanka projects rice surplus in 2023
2023-07-26 Egg prices drop in Sri Lanka after control prices were removed
2023-07-25 Plans to establish an Agriculture and Plantation Research University in Sri Lanka
2023-08-02 Sri Lanka to lose billions if water is not given to rice fields
2023-08-02 Sri Lanka poultry producers agree to reduce price after President’s import move
2023-08-07 Sri Lanka: Govt. to compensate farmers for crop damage caused by dry weather
2023-08-06 Oil palm cultivation: much economic potential for Sri Lanka - Asian Palm Oil Association
2023-08-05 Two Indian companies willing to start poultry farms in Sri Lanka
2023-08-04 Asian Palm Oil Association says oil palm cultivation can unlock Sri Lanka’s economic potential
2023-08-14 Sri Lanka to export 5000 metric tons of organic fertilizer monthly
2023-08-21 PM invites Chinese researchers to try out high yielding rice paddy strain in Sri Lanka
2023-08-20 Sri Lanka rules out rice shortage despite crop loss over drought
2023-08-19 Price of chicken likely to go down in Sri Lanka
2023-08-18 Sri Lanka invites Chinese experts to begin pilot project on high-yielding paddy farming
2023-08-18 Sri Lanka reduces Import tax on maize
2023-08-18 Drought-affected small farmers in Sri Lanka denounce government indifference
2023-08-17 37,000 acre rice fields affected by dry weather in Sri Lanka
2023-08-20 Minister of Agriculture requests an immediate report on big onion cultivation
2023-08-21 Sri Lanka to get another bumper Maha rice harvest in 2024 from El Niño?
2023-08-28 Sri Lanka mulls import taxes or looser licenses for wheat flour: Minister
2023-08-28 Agri. Minister calls for report on claims that highly hazardous pesticides being used in Sri Lanka
2023-08-26 Drought affects 19 districts of Sri Lanka, farmers demand compensation for crop damage
2023-08-25 Vietnam and Sri Lanka begin discussions for a bilateral agreement on agricultural development
2023-08-25 14,973 hectares of rice fields affected by dry weather in Sri Lanka
2023-08-23 Drought in Sri Lanka devastates farmland and fuels poaching
2023-08-22 Over 47,000 acres of rice fields destroyed by drought in Sri Lanka
2023-08-31 ‘Harvest is so bad’: Drought hits livelihood of Sri Lankan farmers
2023-08-30 Sri Lanka to purchase more than 92 million eggs from India
2023-08-30 Drought dents Lanka’s hopes, farmers’ livelihood
2023-09-02 Jaffna, Mullaitivu and Mannar districts form Sri Lanka s second Coconut Triangle
2023-09-02 Sri Lanka tea plantations claim support growing for new wage model
2023-09-06 Disappearing act by Keeri Samba amid Sri Lanka price controls, import curbs
2023-09-13 Sri Lanka to expand sour banana cultivation for export
2023-09-12 TN poultry farmers to export eggs to Sri Lanka under Bay of Bengal initiative
2023-09-19 Sri Lanka to produce pomegranates to ‘save forex’ amid inflationism
2023-09-19 Poverty in the Tea Estates in Sri Lanka
2023-09-25 Sri Lanka’s control body for organic agriculture launches official website
2023-09-23 Sri Lanka’s Agriculture Minister explores opportunities to export eggs and chicken
2023-09-26 Sri Lanka smallholder tea growers still find fertiliser expensive
2023-10-04 Sri Lanka at risk of food shortage due to weather changes: minister
2021-05-20 捍衛大陸港口 斯里蘭卡:在中印間保持中立
2021-06-21 Fertiliser fiasco: Shouldn’t the Government listen to expert advice?
2021-05-25 World Bank and European Union Support Sri Lanka’s Agriculture Modernization and Job Creation
2021-06-21 Farmers who produce organic fertilizer to receive Rs. 10,000 per hectare
2021-06-21 ComBank offers lowest interest rate in the country for ‘Agri Gold Loans’
2021-06-21 Lanka Phosphate Company gazetted under Agriculture Ministry
2021-06-24 Lake House Aloka Pooja switched on
2021-06-23 Parliament
2021-06-21 Nuclear techniques to the fore in tea research
2021-06-21 When it was known as the Harley Street of ceylon
2021-06-22 Crisis cannot be tackled by fuel price increases alone: SJB prescribes IMF
2021-06-18 Rooibos tea is a balm, inside the body and out
2021-06-21 Fuel hike, ban of chemical fertiliser twin blows to people, industries: SJB
2021-03-10 Madagascar: Climate Crisis in Grand Sud Causing Alarming Increase in Malnutrition
2021-05-31 ComBank & Hayleys Agriculture launch another leasing promo
2021-03-15 SLIM unveils Agribusiness Management, Entrepreneurial Programme
2021-01-07 SL Army establishes Corps of Agriculture and Livestock Unit
2021-03-02 Cargills embarks on ambitious agriculture modernisation project ‘Sarubima’
2021-02-25 Sunshine’s Watawala Tea Ceylon rebrands as Sunshine Consumer Lanka
2021-07-15 Fertiliser ban and economic crisis
2021-07-01 Farmers already brainwashed by agrochemical lobby – CEJ
2022-03-18 烏戰帶來2大痛點 斯里蘭卡經濟浩劫加乘
2022-03-04 俄烏開戰/茶葉和觀光主力市場開戰 斯里蘭卡雪上霜
2022-04-03 Sri Lanka seeks Bangladeshi investment in tourism, agriculture
2022-04-03 Sri Lanka wants to work jointly for development of blue economy: envoy
2022-04-04 印度將向斯里蘭卡提供稻米 首次重大糧食援助
2022-04-06 斯里蘭卡陷經濟危機醫師上街示威 總統堅不下台
2022-04-12 暫停還外債 斯里蘭卡先求溫飽
2022-04-14 反政府抗爭延燒 斯里蘭卡總理提議與抗議者談判
2022-04-15 危機惡化 經濟崩潰的斯里蘭卡實施燃料配給
2022-04-18 CII-Southern Region Organizes Agri Tech South 2022 from 20-22 April 2022
2022-04-18 Tea Bill 2022: Draft Tea Bill Seeks To Eliminate Licenses & Remove Outdated Provisions
2022-03-31 Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Assam Tea Industry To Suffer If The War Continues; Says ITA
2022-04-20 ‘It will be hard to find a farmer left’: Sri Lanka reels from rash fertiliser ban
2022-04-19 Life 'very hard' for Sri Lanka fishermen in financial squall
2022-04-18 Lessons from Sri Lanka on organic farming
2022-04-15 Is organic farming responsible for Sri Lanka’s economic crisis?
2022-05-02 斯里蘭卡在野勢力大團結 籲總統為經濟危機下台
2022-05-04 財政收入不足 斯里蘭卡尋求調整預算
2022-05-17 最後一天供應汽油 斯里蘭卡快垮了
2022-05-26 斯里蘭卡經濟崩潰 總理向多國求援
2022-06-02 財政惡化 斯里蘭卡通膨連8月創新高
2022-06-07 化解民生困頓 斯里蘭卡未來半年需50億美元
2022-06-21 斯里蘭卡瀕臨經濟崩潰 IMF展開紓困談判
2022-07-06 斯里蘭卡破產電力交通癱瘓 當地台商憂心未來局勢
2022-07-11 斯里蘭卡總統前往機場附近 媒體臆測將流亡海外
2022-07-14 斯里蘭卡總統流亡馬爾地夫 傳將前往新加坡
2022-07-14 印度分析人士:斯里蘭卡破產 中國影響力將消退
2022-07-16 斯里蘭卡流亡總統:已盡全力避免經濟崩潰
2022-07-24 暴力清場後 斯里蘭卡總統府7/25恢復運作
2022-07-26 斯里蘭卡經濟崩潰求外援 期盼中國貿易觀光援助
2022-07-31 斯里蘭卡總統籌組團結政府 邀各黨國會議員加入