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2023-03-30 Pakistan, Malaysia vow to increase cooperation across multiple domains
2023-03-30 Mat Sabu: Less than one percent practice organic farming in the country
2023-03-31 Malaysians tighten belts during Ramadan as food prices continue to rise Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/?p=1750554#ixzz7xXCvnCLi Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook
2023-03-31 Rubber smallholders, farmers, fishermen thankful for ‘duit raya’
2023-03-31 Palm falls after recent climb, set for weekly gain on supply woes
2022-06-07 Report: Forest conservation in Malaysia among growing investible space in SE Asia
2022-06-07 Malaysia palm oil prices seen trading above 6,000 rgt in 2022 -state agency
2022-06-07 Malaysia to end price caps for chicken by July, will give cash aid to poor instead
2022-06-07 Malaysia authorities to enforce chicken export ban at country's exit points
2022-06-07 Wed. 8:16 a.m.: Malaysia suspends chicken exports amid rising food prices
2022-06-07 Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry: Chicken export ban starts today
2022-06-07 Chicken prices remain high in Malaysia despite supply stabilising after export ban
2023-05-15 First Halal-certified Korean Beef Set for Delivery
2023-05-15 Palm oil reverses losses on short covering
2023-05-15 Report: Mardi D-G says China’s venture into durian farming won’t curb appetite for Malaysian fruits yet
2023-05-15 Hot weather also affects farmers, rubber smallholders' yields
2023-05-15 Malaysian Palm Oil Board sees higher exports of palm oil, palm-based products to China this year
2023-05-15 Malaysia slams 'unjust' EU deforestation law for blocking palm oil
2023-05-15 Korea to export halal beef to Malaysia
2023-05-15 Malaysian Timber Council names Zainal Abidin Abdullah as chairman
2023-05-15 Study: Malaysia has earmarked area 100 times Kuala Lumpur’s size for deforestation
2023-05-15 Mat Sabu: All depts, agencies under Agriculture and Food ministry on alert amid current hot spell
2023-05-15 Minister: All depts, agencies under Agriculture and Food Security Ministry bracing for hot spell
2023-05-15 Surge in pork prices could force Malaysian consumers to turn to cheaper chicken meat
2023-05-15 M’sian Forest Lands 100x Larger Than Kuala Lumpur Set To Be Cut Down, Study Reveals
2023-05-15 Video from India falsely shared as 'Rohingya selling chemical-laced vegetables in Malaysia'
2023-05-15 Malaysia-France team win Daiwa International Deep Sea Fishing Challenge
2023-03-16 Malaysia palm oil, rubber farmers file EU petition opposing deforestation law
2023-03-20 Malaysian Official Says EU Regulation ‘Discrimination’ Against Small Farmers
2023-03-22 Indonesia, Malaysia explore cooperation in halal product assurance
2023-05-23 How a Malaysian bee farmer is fermenting honey into... ‘Asgardian’ mead
2023-03-29 Malaysia aims for milk self-sufficiency by 2025, but more needs to be done to help farmers
2022-05-30 Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries: Malaysia has not reached food crisis level
2022-05-30 Risda, Felcra to raise broilers to support Malaysia’s food supply, says minister
2022-05-28 Report: Malaysian poultry farms speeding up supply to Singapore ahead of June export ban
2022-05-27 Rural Development Ministry: RM368.37m allocation for Felcra to boost Malaysia’s agriculture, livestock sectors
2021-05-17 印尼馬來西亞汶萊聯合聲明:強烈譴責以色列
2021-05-11 南向觀測站|手搖創業夯!馬來西亞商機無限大
2021-05-10 進口之惡 台灣剝削國外天然林
2022-01-21 馬來西亞完成RCEP核准程序
2022-02-22 Zuraida: Malaysia to raise palm oil output this year after hiring more foreign workers
2021-05-07 馬來西亞企業需具前瞻性制定綠色策略,減少溫室氣體排放和資源消耗,以協助馬國於未來成為碳中和的國家
2021-04-30 馬來西亞泥煤威士忌登台
2021-04-30 馬來西亞「投資吉隆坡」機構盼未來數年吸引100家跨國企業進駐,並促進數位經濟發展
2021-04-27 Modern Farming to Boost Agriculture in Iskandar Malaysia
2021-04-18 微軟宣佈將在大馬建立其首個區域數據中心,作為「與馬來西亞齊心共贏」(Bersama Malaysia)計劃一部分,並支持包容性經濟增長
2021-11-16 泰國重新開放與馬來西亞的兩個邊境口岸
2021-04-15 台灣形象展線上模式進化 雲端觸及越、馬搶訂單
2021-04-09 外交部推「伊斯蘭文化展」 推廣回教文化
2021-04-09 印度等4國陶瓷面磚進口 初判有傾銷事實
2021-03-31 陳榮立:提高糧食自給率 馬台可合作發展智農
2021-03-22 馬來西亞出口新加坡的雞蛋因再被檢測到含沙門氏菌,新加坡食品局已勒令進口商回收
2022-03-25 新加坡和馬來西亞開放邊境 無需進行新冠檢測
2022-03-22 越南與馬來西亞努力實現2025年雙邊貿易額達180億美元的目標
2021-04-14 東南亞線上叫車與外送服務霸主 Grab 將透過空殼公司收購方式於那斯達克交易所掛牌上市
2021-06-23 Make Agriculture Attractive among Youths
2022-03-28 MPOB: Malaysia’s palm oil and palm-based products’ export revenue increases to RM110b in 2022
2022-06-21 馬來西亞柔佛州要獨立?前首相馬哈迪稱更應索取新加坡與白礁島主權
2022-07-05 新加坡企業與馬來西亞砂勞越合作建垂直農場,以開拓星國蔬菜進口來源
2022-07-12 印尼棕櫚油出口解禁 導致大馬庫存攀升
2022-03-28 Azmin: Malaysia-Qatar deal comes to fruition with development of large-scale dairy project in Perlis
2022-07-14 印尼暫停向馬來西亞輸出勞動力
2022-04-06 Postpone minimum wage hike, 36% rise too high for rural oil palm planters: Associations
2022-07-17 東勢梨熟了!參山處邀10國國際學生採梨暢遊梨之鄉
2022-07-28 印尼外勞 8月起恢復來馬
2022-08-22 馬來西亞國家能源公司:盼至2050年實現零碳排放目標
2022-09-13 2022年馬來西亞國際清真展臺灣館 商機人潮湧現
2022-09-19 馬來西亞媒體:越南鞏固其在新鮮水果出口方面的地位
2022-10-10 大馬首相宣布解散國會 60天內將提前大選
2022-10-12 馬來西亞提前國會大選 97歲前首相馬哈地再出征
2022-10-13 旺朱乃迪:捍衛主權 沙巴不會交給菲律賓
2022-10-27 台灣食品拓銷馬來西亞 快閃店端出百種產品試吃
2022-10-31 台灣冷鏈協會於馬來西亞舉辦研討會 帶起冷鏈創新熱潮
2022-11-08 6.3公噸東山青皮椪柑銷往馬來西亞 海外學子來品嘗
2022-03-31 Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry allocates RM150m to develop Sarawak’s agriculture
2022-04-07 Malaysia’s pineapple exports show upward trend from 2016 to 2020, says minister
2021-04-05 Malaysia, Brunei Agree to Jointly Develop Oilfields Straddling Common Maritime Border
2022-04-12 Stats Dept: Penang is top importer of dates amounting to RM20.3m in Feb, in time for Ramadan
2021-06-23 Make Agriculture Attractive among Youths
2021-06-14 Agriculture Ministry: Current Stock of Fish Supply in Malaysia Sufficient
2022-04-07 Malaysia’s pineapple exports show upward trend from 2016 to 2020, says minister
2021-06-01 Measures in Place to Ensure No Food Supply Chain Disruption During Total Lockdown: Malaysian Minister
2021-06-21 Benjamin Swan Of Sustenir Agriculture Is Leading The Sustainable Food Revolution
2021-06-03 IR 4.0 Agricultural Technology Can Help Government to Manage Food Security Issues
2021-06-24 Update 1-malaysias Palm Oil Output to Rise Marginally While Exports Pick Up State Agency
2021-05-28 Giving Creepy Crawlies a Significant Role to Play in Malaysia's Foodtech Industry